Why Do We Need to Read Books?

   Human stops to be a human when he loses the ability to think, to empathize, to create, to dream, to improve. This is what we learn from books. We plunge into the world of literature, which extends our vocabulary, enriches feeling familiar with unknown cultures and peoples. Finally, brightens loneliness, helps to overcome sadness or depression. In reading we begin to understand the issues of good and evil, to distinguish truth from falsehood, to value friendship, restrain negative emotions. But all this is impossible to comprehend in a hurry. Something it is necessary to stop, to look, to summarize some events, to receive better picture of the world, to think about something really important. We turn to books and literature, to journalism and scientific works, to fiction and manuals in order to expand the boundaries of this world, and every time to respond to new questions, to have the right to make mistakes and to learn how to correct them.

Why Using E-books?

   Our life is unthinkable without the books. We need them at any time to solve many problems. Along with the progress, the book has changed too. Now it is possible to read books in digital formats. Belle-tress, manuals, dictionaries, encyclopedias and other possible types of literature are available on such internet resources as ours. Using our online service you receive a perfect opportunity of reading any sort of literature. Do you want to read your favorite novel? Log in and download it! Do you need any kind of manual? Log in and download it! Have you already got the point? No need of prowling through all book stores and libraries of your city, for our online library contains literature of any sort and for all likings. Besides, all our materials are free and compact. So you will also save your precious time and money. Just log in and download anything you wish. We're always ready to help you.

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